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          1. Welcome to visit Beijing leifeishi Technology Development Co., Ltd!
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            Quality control is a key link in the production process of beauty equipment. Strict quality control is conducive to the production of beauty equipment with more stable performance and more accurate detection indicators. It is the foundation for companies to establish brand advantages. The company attaches great importance to product quality control, mainly from the strict formulation of product performance standards, the use of third-party quality control products for quality inspection, and the acceptance of third-party quality evaluations to comprehensively and strictly control product quality.
            The company has a quality department, strictly in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008/ISO 13485:2003 standard, and has a standard quality management system, which monitors the quality of products from raw material procurement and storage, organization of production, inspection, and storage to ensure delivery. product quality. At the same time, the company carries out indoor quality control and actively participates in the external quality evaluation activities organized by the Ministry of Health to ensure the uniformity, stability and accuracy of the product batches.
            The Quality Department consists of a QA department and a QC department, which are composed of a group of professionals with solid technology and strong sense of responsibility. The laboratory has advanced and professional testing environment and equipment, all parties guarantee to ensure that the data is true and scientific.
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