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          1. Welcome to visit Beijing leifeishi Technology Development Co., Ltd!
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            Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the scientific concept of development, taking technology research and development and personnel training as its development goals. The company has set up a special technical R&D department, relying on the technical support of Asia Pacific Group and branches around the world, and has an experienced and innovative technical R&D team.   
            The company attaches great importance to the research and development of new products or new processes, and has invested a lot in research and development every year, and has achieved excellent results, among which it has won the honorary title of high-tech enterprise and Dezhou Technology Center, and applied for a number of patents; In the research and development of products, according to the development of science and technology and market demand, the company strengthens exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutes, and transforms scientific research achievements into productivity and creates benefits for enterprises by means of technology introduction and cooperative development.  
            At present, the company has developed various types of beauty devices, including IPL, Q-swith, etc., which are suitable for various fields, so that the products are fully sold to Europe, the United States, Turkey, Russia and other places.
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